Hotel Fusio e Dépendance

L’antico Hotel Fusio dal caratteristico colore rosso, che si erge in posizione privilegiata quale portale d’entrata del paese, e la vicina Dépendance, sono stati oggetto di un capillare rinnovamento durato oltre tre anni.

Progetto in corso: “La Cittadella di Fusio"

“…the passion for a multi-layered and complex architectural heritage has given life to an initiative without precedent, namely to infuse new life into an entire village centre consisting of various buildings which, beginning from 1500, recount a story spanning three centuries.”

Cultural aspects

My specialisations are the preservation, restructuring and recovery of the historical and architectonic patrimony.


My work consists of bringing back to life those buildings that unfortunately are reduced to ruins by the relentless constant erosion of time, as well as by people’s carelessness.


Trust the experience of those who are born in a rustico. I can guarantee absolute certainty in terms of quality, research and style.

Giovan Luigi Dazio

Via Ramogna 14 | 6600 Locarno
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