Church of Mogno

New church of St. John the Baptist

Plan: Architetto Mario Botta
Mogno-Fusio, Cantone Ticino, 1986-1996

In this plan the act of “building”, seen as the expression of human hard work and of his attachment to the land, goes together with the emotional reaction for the devastating charge of nature: the avalanche which in April 1986 destroyed part of the village of Mogno, as well as its old little church.
The image of the tremendous fall emerges again in the clean inclined cut of the boundary walls of the church constricting the internal space and obliging it to widen out towards the sky through the skylight-roof.

02.08.2010Giornale del PopoloDoris Leuthard ha fatto tappa in Vallemaggiait
20.08.2001Vivi MilanoQualcosa d'antico, anzi modernoit
14.08.2001Giornale del PopoloVittorio Sgarbi a Mogno, guidato da Mario Bottait
13.08.2001Il GiornaleIl trionfo dell'ideologia sulla formait
28.05.2001Giornale del PopoloIl principe Alberto a Mognoit
Mario BottaLa ricostruzione della chiesa di San Giovanni Battista a Mognoit

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