Giovan Luigi Dazio

Restoration, planning, consulting and sale

My specialisations are the preservation, restructuring and recovery of the historical and architectonic patrimony. The object I propose to myself is to plan the future reconstructing the past, yet without being prisoner of rusty nostalgias.

Since 1978 I have been carrying on as a professional an activity in Ticino in the research and the requalification of mountain and suburban landscapes. In my capacity as works manager I supported architect Mario Botta in the reconstruction of the seventeenth-century church of Mogno near Fusio in the upper Val Maggia that was destroyed by an avalanche in 1986.

My work consists of bringing back to life those buildings that unfortunately are reduced to ruins by the relentless constant erosion of time, as well as by people’s carelessness. At present I am engaged in the recovery of a whole agglomeration of civil and rural mountain habitations.


- Illustrazione ticinese, 15.10.2014: “L’Architetto appassionato di rustici”

Giovan Luigi Dazio

Via San Gottardo 80A | 6648 Minusio
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