New house in Mogno

Mogno: a precise idea of change

A courtyard of only 110 m2 situated at the main border of the village of Mogno, at 1,200 m/sm in upper Vallemaggia, and an old photograph which I hold onto with particular affection, are the reminders of my Uncle Alfredo, the last resident of the small village. It remains as a testimony, on this little corner of land where an imposing larch ring barn once rested on a stone base that was largely underground. The site, located at the end of the village, a stream beside it, with an open and extended horizon, a view of the mountains, and the desire to enrich this neglected corner, inspired the innovation to build with stone in accordance with our tradition.

The changes are characterised by an abstract and minimalist tone, which permits external vision of the contemporary. At the core of the research was the complex relationship between man and nature. From experience, I noted that there was the opportunity to use stone again as the link, with verticality and an exact idea of the change with well-defined lines. A perfectly square 6×6m design with thin and severe facades, and with the slit openings and corners cut into them in order to capture the light all day long. The granite roof matches that of the adjacent houses. The living room and all the other rooms enjoy the same privileged position, with a space that faces the courtyard and the garden, and where it is pleasant to spend some time, as it is dominated by a view of the plateau and the imposing mountains. The building’s interior is arranged on three levels, with an elegant mansard where one can still see the traditional characteristics of the rooms, and the stone used inside the house. Combinations of light improve the atmosphere and give it refinement. For the additional elements such as the stairs, which connect the different levels, iron slates have been used. A residence which confirms the link between domestic shelter and Alpine habitat, between man and nature.

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