La Cittadella


An alpine village, whose origins lose themselves in the late Middle Ages, perched at an altitude of almost 1300 metres in a rough and rocky landscape, spotted with thick larch and beech woods. At its southern edge, the highest peak of a web of narrow, paved streets, the passion for a multi-layered and complex architectural heritage has given life to an initiative without precedent, namely to infuse new life into an entire village centre consisting of various buildings which, beginning from 1500, recount a story spanning three centuries.

At present, the study of architect Giovan Luigi Dazio is devoting itself to the development and the realization of this sought-after telematic project concerning private residences, which are very important from an architectural point of view since they combine the past and the present and are of enormous historical and artistic interest, as well as cultural and entertainment infrastructures for touristic, technological and commercial activities.

To reach these objectives and for the future management of these infrastructures, new partners, interested in sharing this experience in Fusio in the upper Valle Maggia, Canton Ticino, are being sought: a unique challenge in a context as extreme as it is fascinating.
The projects have already been authorized.

Marzo 2012Corriere del TicinoSulla Cittadella di Fusio l'attenzione del Legislativoit
29.03.2007Corriere del TicinoProtezione da rivedere per il nucleo di Fusioit
09.2002Arge AlpPremioArgeAlp2002it

Giovan Luigi Dazio

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