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Fusio, at the top of Val Maggia, with its 1280 metres above sea level is the highest village of Lavizzara. Its origins are rather remote. The existence of Fusio is ascertained in documents of 1286. We cannot exclude that the Walsers, the ancient mountain population, also passed through this region on their way from Wallis to the Tyrol through the alpine valleys. The oldest village constructions show clearly the mark of the Walsers. A rather singular peculiarity of the constructions in Fusio are the roofs with wooden tiles that nowadays can still be seen on some stables. The village core still shows some old wooden and stone constructions. Many habitations have been transformed into second residences that are the ideal place for an invigorating and peaceful holiday. The few inhabitants left, only about fifty people, are almost exclusively devoted to agriculture and use the summer alpine pastures of the Valley of Sambuco, among the best ones of Val Maggia. The view offers some intense and charming landscapes. An evocative scenery dotted with rocky formations, spotted with thick woods, beeches and larches, with pastures also in the highest regions. Lanes and paths, steps and little squares envelop Fusio like a cobweb. Every stone echoes the work of past generations. The history of men able to live a harmonious relationship between people, groups and territory. A dimension that unfortunately our today’s society has completely lost. Here takes shape an ambitious historical and technological project: to reconstruct respecting the previous urban organisation of the oldest part of the village core, the citadel, to make it habitable again. An intervention of recovery, a sort of ‘step back in the future’, so that old houses can become private residences and spaces for culture and entertainment, equipped with telecommunication services and progressive technologies. This means to transform Fusio into an ideal place, not only to collect oneself from today’s frenetic rhythms, but also for those who, thanks to the quiet beauty of a rural civilisation, look for new incentives to go on working and creating, yet keeping contact with the whole world.

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