La Fortezza

The rustic "La Fortezza" to Mogno-Fusio

Mogno, a small nucleus in high Vallemaggia, is no stranger to designs that are half-way between a dream and architectonic challenge. Luckily the solidity of its mountains marks the men who work in them and yet again the challenge has ended successfully. The “Fortezza”, or Fort, as its name suggests, incarcerates all the strength in which man may invest his designs: it is the historical witness that nothing ever reaches an end. It’s story is that of a common stall dated 1700, abandoned for years and at life’s end but still marked by long service dedicated to man. In just under two years though, its unsure stability was shaken by an ambitious project.

The barn was enfolded, raised and moved in May 2005 by virtue of a special 70 ton crane in order to allow the construction of a stone bed with which this rustic feature with larch logs from Fusio then found a solid and final support. A somewhat unusual procedure, this movement, and that is what makes the operation particularly special. Work then proceeded with the construction of the outside patio and the installation of protective walls adapted to the land’s natural profile.

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Another important step was the insertion of an iron structure onto which the roof in ‘piode’ stone tiles from Vallemaggia rests: and now this rustic building can remain in all tranquillity, continuing to manifest that particular beauty typical of high mountain buildings, respecting the natural balance of the surrounding environment.
However, the unique features of the “Fortezza” do not end here: all the internal walls have in fact been covered in transparent insulating glass parallel to the original rustic building. In this way it is possible to observe the vicinity between the old stable and the new structure. “It seemed to me that I should take on the risk and at the same time not lose the exceptional opportunity of a project small in size but unrepeatable whilst proposing an unconventional restoration, also as a homage and opportunity for many craftsmen”. The “Fortezza” was one of many challenges that the valley has offered me. Today, with the work practically finished, man can ensure that old and new may coexist. In confirmation that a strong building always finds an admirer, the dying barn (now “Fortezza”) already has an earnest occupant.
The “Fortezza” looks like a transparent luminous lantern, aimed at enhancing both the eighteenth century building and the contemporary one in perfect symmetry.

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